The themes of the essay

The themes of the essay are very diverse since the nature of the genre allows practically any question to be addressed. In general, the essays address subjects belonging to the Social Sciences and Humanities. Not in vain, on university campuses occupy an important place in academic work.

On the other hand, outside the universities writers and journalists use it to address current debates. So the essay can talk about politics, economics, art and literature. However, not everything can be the object of the test, such is the case of science and technology. In these cases it is very difficult to treat the subject in a pure way, being common to find points of contact with human disciplines.

The great themes of the essay: the Humanities

The themes of the essay are mostly topics of the humanities because the flexibility of the genre agrees with the qualitative nature of these disciplines. This means that the qualitative aspects of a human discipline are favorable to take a position and argue it. In addition, multiple opinions may arise around the same topic that enrich the issue.

Thus, some examples of subjects for essay in humanities are: Philosophy, Literature, Philology, History, etc. Within each of these areas there may be a myriad of topics. Inclusive, there are writers who work all their life with a single subject due to the possibilities of the same one. In conclusion, the humanities are the theme par excellence of the essay.

Social Sciences and the themes of the essay

Another area for the themes of the essay is the field of Social Sciences, thanks to the fact that the topics of study are often the focus of important debates. To understand this fact we will remember that within the Social Sciences are Politics, Sociology and Anthropology. For this reason, national and international journals publish political essays.

Some examples are: presidential elections, power relations between people and government, the political agenda of some president, etc. On the other hand, the sociological themes for the essay include: economic inequality, marginalization, immigration, war, social disintegration, among others. Finally, Anthropology offers essay topics such as religion, hyper-consumerism, sexuality and many more.

The arts as themes of the essay

Another of the themes of the most used essay is the art since its production and interpretation generates many positions. In fact, discussing art is not only an essay subject, but a whole specialty of Philosophy. Without needing to be a specialist you can find a theme for the essay in all the artistic disciplines.

For example: the speech of a certain film, the use of symbolism in the cinema, the career of a filmmaker. In addition, not only the visual arts lend themselves to rehearsal, so do theater and dance. So there are rare topics such as: history of classical dance, the role of contemporary dance, etc. In summary, the wide and exquisite world of art is one of the topics most addressed by the essayists.

Other themes of the essay: science and technology

Science and technology are also part of the themes of the essay, however, addressing them requires specialization. In pure terms, it can be very complicated to develop an essay on electronic circuits or programming languages. However, addressing science and technology as human tasks that impact on man shows a different picture.

This results in topics such as: risks of artificial intelligence, technology for war, cloning and eugenics. All these topics are highly relevant and rich for the essayist. However, the development of these issues requires a prior investigation in specialized documents.

Tips for selecting an essay topic

After knowing the possible themes of the essay, we present a series of tips for choosing a theme. In effect, this quick guide is intended for those who seek to cultivate essay by their own choice and need guidance. If you have an assigned topic, omit the suggestions.

Attractive theme. The best essays, or at least the most read, are those that deal with issues of relevance. Some options would be: the impact of technology, terrorism, civil wars, etc.

Controversy. The most outstanding essayists are those who manage to awaken the debate. Therefore, a controversial and topical issue must be looked for. Today some suggestions would be: independence of Catalonia, nuclear tests of North Korea, US border wall.

Present. While there are essays that discuss ancient issues, such as in Philology, an attractive essay should address current affairs. Otherwise, an issue from the past can be addressed under a completely different approach. Of course, we must be careful not to fall into discussions that have been overcome.

Concluding observations on the themes of the essay

The themes of the essay, as it has been exposed, can be of the most varied, from literature to military technology. In spite of the wide spectrum of essay topics, the common characteristics are: relevance, actuality and multiplicity of interpretations.

That is, current discussions are excellent options because there are numerous opinions and numerous interested public. In fact, if the theme of the essay does not allow for different positions, perhaps we should consider it once again.

In general, topics with potential generate diverse and even conflicting opinions. This is because they are controversial and relevant. In conclusion, current and relevant topics are ideal to start writing essays.

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